We work with one of the finest organizations in Indonesia and help surfers to go surf the best waves in the world every year.  Trips are two weeks long aboard the D'Bora or Indo Satu, and depart out of Padang.  Prices are approximately $3,000.00 USD depending on boat and exchange rates.  This covers the boat, surf guide, food, drinks, and access to the best waves.  As expert travelers, we can help you book your airfare and with any other reservations, to ensure the best trip.  If you are interested in a boat trip or need any additional help with travel, call for details.

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Check out the Mentawai Daze website for more information on the boats and travel.

Perfect waves, breaking in crystal clear water over colorful coral reefs...all this happening meters from idyllic sandy beaches fringed by coconut trees. It's what you dream about! We're here to make your dreams a reality.

Indonesia and in particular the Mentawai and Telo Islands, are famous for a reason. Consistency of waves is incredible. During peak season (May-October), waves are generally 3-4ft everyday with a solid +6ft swell lasting a few days, seen every week. The off season (November-April) isn't really what you'd call an off season, as we generally run through these months too and always get waves with the added bonus of less people around.

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